Let´s share a secret, a clue, a key that can give YOU a great understanding of that which is a weakness in people and can even make a person sick.

Action causes habit. The habits of life cause character. The character of life causes a destiny!

When you are happy, your bad emotions go away. But many times your happiness is linked to something that happens externally and doesn’t depend upon you. So bad feelings can return again and again … and there goes your state of happiness.

But what many of us don’t know is that the state of happiness is work that should be continuous, something we should cultivate daily with LOVE and PATIENCE.

Many traditional mystical approaches speak about karma! And we have concluded that karma is you self-esteem! Karma is the same as our destiny, and destiny is our character which comes from our habits and from our actions.

When a person is acting “normally” day to day they don’t realize, aren’t aware that they are acting like their parents, their grandparents and people that were before them.

Every Family has its actions, its habits, its character. And when we are aware of everything we do, then the awareness helps effectively to burn negative emotions and the negative “karma” will go away!

We should understand that the base of what’s called karma are our attitudes. Many people consider themselves failures; insecure; unable to do anything; that they aren’t loved by God; or by people: they feel offended by everything.

This pessimistic thought acts upon oneself and bit by bit causes the failure of the person, everything they believed becomes the reality and they won’t create a good destiny.

But how to achieve a good destiny?

Having good attitudes, Strong attitudes! Strong and positive thoughts and feelings about yourself! And sacrifice the negative attitude, the weak attitude created by pessimistic thoughts.

However this is very easy to say, but if you have already tried you know in practice it´s difficult to free yourself from an attitude like that, knowledge is necessary, and you need a Strong base in yourself to get over the negative attitude of the past.

That’s why we made the Temple of the Goddesses! So that the knowledge of all the traditions that come from the past – that teach how to be happy, that teach about the nature of a woman, the feminine nature – can teach, also, you how to develop this base, this fortress that is your feminine essence!!!!