- HUMAN – what does it represent?

Many people have already thought about this, but nobody has come to a final conclusion…

And there is another important factor: they don’t teach us about questions of gender – to be man, to be woman… – nobody knows about this! And, if they know, they don’t know how to practice in a way to be a happy man or woman. To be happy isn’t a question of luck, it demands effort.

Imagine yourself like this: as a person who entered a forest or some difficult walk without instructions? Able to be lost or devoured by animals?

This will happen! Because this person doesn’t know how to walk in the dark, for example, or how to use a compass, or the most adequate clothing to be safe in bad weather and from wild animals, or how to make and light a fire… what they need to do and how to save themselves in the mountains…

They simply don’t know how to do it, so what can you expect, besides bad luck?

It’s the same situation if this person is a woman who wants to be feminine, Strong and seductive, and in the same way there are no instructions. So what must be done?

It so happens that this must be learnt, studied, for many years for a person to become a true expert in the happiness of her life as a woman!!!

And in the Temple of the Goddesses we make this knowledge enjoyable for YOU!

We resort to traditional sources, because in ancient times all women were seen as a Goddess! She was simply respected for her intuition and gift of providing life itself and the life of beloved people around her with beauty and harmony!

They say this knowledge got lost, but the Temple of the Goddesses searched in the knowledge of the myths, and the mythology of traditional civilizations, because what today is myth once was and still is realty in the best of our dreams, imaginations and hopes!

Come and learn what the Goddesses of ancient times teach at the Temples of the Goddess!!!!!