Hi darlings!
I am Isis the Egyptian Goddess adored as mother God, protector of nature, of the dead, of magic and also of children.
I look at all with the same protective urge, the same care, exercising in this way my nature radically maternal and fertile.
I´m the firstborn daughter of the God of the earth, Gueb, and of the feminine divinity that rules the cosmos, Nut. My brother Osiris became my brother, with whom I conceived Horus, God of the firmament, drunk with solar energy. My other brother, Seth, responsible for the deserts, transformed into our main enemy.
I have magical attributes and the power to cure. In one of the stories that they talk about me, they attribute the flooding of the River Nile, which occurs once a year, to the tears wept by me for the loss of my beloved.
You will know more of my story and persistence in the Temple of the Goddesses.