Hello Divine people!
I am Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of compassion (or Goddess of Mercy).
Besides being a Goddess, many consider me a bodhisattva – being of wisdom – due to my capacity t remove obstacles. I dress in light colored clothes and eat just once a day. In the palace, I am known as the “damsel with the Buddha heart”.
Many priestesses of the kingdom follow me and return to a life of kindness, renouncing their inferior desires.
About six or seven thousand years ago humans created a universal myth in which all beings were from my womb, as Cosmic Mother, or Primordial Mother who has all the power of creation.
If we have a pure heart nothing can disturb us in our life purpose.
I like to recite the mantra of compassion Om mani padme hung to feel the heart expand and reach kindness!!!