” Wanting everyone to win, including, but not principally, yourself. This includes the planet, God, animals – everything. She has sentiments and attitudes that are more spiritual and broad.”

The Goddess is the person who really tries to see the world and the situation from a higher, more neutral and kinder perspective. She is not at the center of the universe anymore. The qualities that were once nice ideas are part of her day by day, like breathing –she can’t imagine life without them. She wants everyone to win –the fish, the dogs, God, the lady next door. But she doesn’t look for reward having simply decided she wants to be this way. She may feel distant from the world and lonely. She may seek religions but see problems there too. The other levels are a bother in her life she needs to understand and can have difficulty with them. She is attracted to philosophy and great noble thoughts and feelings and doesn’t understand why the world isn’t a better place!