“You chose the reaction and response Female – which is the more animal part of us –physical and aggressive. It´s also vital, energetic, strong and dynamic!”

The body has its own intelligence and part of our brain is very animal. This part only thinks about eating, sleeping, sex and other natural things. It´s governed mainly by habit and instinct – like the animals. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! How would web e without our hearts beating (habit?) constantly? Isn’t it true that a great part of giving birth is automatic? It can indicate a resistance to change (habit). Physical force. Can be attracted to physical characteristics (strength, physical beauty) more than the finer qualities Thinking isn’t a strong feature! This level of us doesn’t think too much about the future or past, mainly the present. Sentiments come with force and passion. There is a certain self confidence at this level (ever seen a Tiger or horse without confidence?!)