“The green center lances, likes to enter the unknown, wants to know about new things, looks ahead, likes creativity, and anything new!”

Green is purpose, direction and adventure! Youth has a lot of green – it doesn’t’ know limits – it wants to experiment, grow. One of the most important words in life is ATTITUDE – and this is green. If you don’t take an attitude in your life – where will you get to? It loves new things.
It´s generally the strongest of the centers. Leadership is green, it encourages the other centers. A person weak in green always needs stimulation from others. It is cheerful and happy to be alive! Green lances, experiments, likes to enter the unknown…! The sexual impulse is green, for it originates from the creation wanting to reproduce the species!
In a ship, it´s the captain, the commander. That which faces possibilities and dangers to do what’s most important. It always maintains its purpose and focus up front.

Area of the body: Sexual area, eyes, chest, lungs.
Typical professions: Commandant, leader, hunter, director

Palavras associadas:

  • warrior
  • hunter
  • intense
  • persistence
  • visionary
  • focus
  • adventurer
  • creativity
  • new ideas
  • search
  • growth
  • intension
  • leadership
  • progress
  • purpose

On a trip, the green center is that which focuses on the destiny and the possibilities of the new experience!

  1. Problems and distortions in green: greed, ambition, sexual perversions, domination dispersion…
  2. Lack of development in green: lack of vitality, of creativity, of focus, weakness, too passive, depression, fanatic, lack of attention.
  3. A good green: enthusiasm, lively, experimenting, leadership, curiosity, focus, persistence.