“Yellow is our emotional area. Our emotions can be summed up with the words – that which is important and of value to us.”

We are very emotional beings. Basically emotion is the energy with which you keep and feel that which is of value to you. It naturally wants to treat these things with care and affection. Part is natural – for example, we value our lives. Another part is learnt and chosen – for example, a man who values his car more than anything else! When we spend a lot of energy on low negative emotions then there isn’t much left to feel essences or finer and higher emotions. Emotions act like glue – to join you to that which you love or like! That’s why it´s hard to separate from things we love!

Here is more about emotional – degrees of development:

  1. Immature yellow – only has interest in me, me and more me!
  2. Some growth – Care and concern and appreciation for friends, family, the group, ‘the tribe’ – not because of what they do for you, but for the fact that they exist.
  3. More growth, the sphere of consideration increases – appreciating and valuing life; trees, birds, people, the planet – and again – not for what they do for you, but Just for their existence.
  4. Valuing the universe and the purpose of the universe, the planet, God and the Creation – valuing things In a more sacred manner, facilitating and helping the attempt of God for refinement, richness and elevation of the planet, the universe and all its beings.

Area of the body: Neck, solar plexus, skin, thyroid, heart.
Typical professions: Poet, musician, artist, etc…

Palavras associadas:

  • conection
  • value
  • emotion
  • gratitude
  • care
  • comfort
  • contentment
  • essence
  • security
  • integration
  • appreciation
  • sweetness
  • “importances”
  • “links”

On a trip, the yellow center is that which gets caught and charmed with the idea itself!

  1. Problems and distortions in yellow: emotive over nothing, nosey, obsessive, possessive, suffocating, dependency, neediness, self pity, sticky, ‘poor me’…etc
  2. Lack of development in yellow: lack of compassion, dry, lack of care, lack of perception about the sensitivity of other beings (not only humans).
  3. A good yellow: friendly, sharing, considerate, warm, content, cheerful…