“Blue is the center that watches that all is flowing well. It wants calm and peace and is always measuring everything to check all is well..”

Blue is the mother that is watching over the child to see that all´s OK. It wants things to flow well, smoothly and to facilitate this happening. Your instinct does the same thing with you.
It´s the center most connected to our blue planet, therefore it´s connected to the instinct and security, naturalness and protection. So blue acts as filter, checking what will stay ‘out’ and what can come in.
Development in blue is when we begin to say ‘no’ to things that are not good for the human being (like, for example, cruelty, hate etc.). Blue knows what you want and don’t want. Part is automatic, part you program (along with your parents, society etc)
Blue has your idea and concept of what is ‘normal’, which depends on your culture, local and epoch. And then it measures everything, comparing to this standard. Blue also acts as a secretary and reminds you of things you said you will do etc.

Area of the body: Spine, kidneys, venal blood, instinctive part of the brain.
Typical professions: Policeman, watchman, supervisor, doorman etc.

Associated words:

  • measure
  • filter
  • supervision
  • control
  • vigilance
  • instinct
  • protection
  • principles
  • limits
  • naturality
  • evaluation
  • laziness
  • slobbishness

On a trip, the blue center is that which worries that all is flowing well and is safe, that there´s enough money, food etc…

  1. Problems and distortions in blue: critical, judging, snob, anxious, worried, unkempt, lazy.
  2. Lack of development in blue: no standards, no principles, no discernment, no peace, no tranquility.
  3. Um bom azul: padrões, tranquilo, princípios, facilitador, quer ajudar, cuidador, verifica.