“The red center is the center of energy for movement, action and habits. As it´s to do with the physical body’s movements it has a tendency to aggression.”

Routine is in the red center – all the movements we do automatically. Examples of routine are, for example, brushing ones teeth, driving etc. Because the red acts automatically this then frees the head and attention for other things (example is when you are thinking of other things while you drive or walk)
This is fantastic, but we have to take care that this ‘robot servant’ doesn’t ‘dominate the house’ and our life just runs on ‘automatic pilot! It´s quite aggressive and competitive and likes to argue. Because it likes habit it can be rigid and inflexible. We have to ‘train’ it to be flexible. At higher levels it likes order, at lower levels it´s a brute.

Area of the body: Stomach, muscles, blood, rational side of brain.
Typical professions: Athlete administrator, soldier etc.

Associated words:

  • routine
  • habit
  • robotic
  • sistematic
  • automated
  • competition
  • action
  • agressiveness
  • strength
  • control
  • dominating
  • resistent
  • firmness

In a trip, the red center is that which is responsible for doing what’s necessary for the trip: buying tickets, getting a map etc… It´s practical.

  1. Problems and distortions in red: tyrant, rigid, too habitual, stuck in a rut, dominating, gross, rude, stuck in the same ideas (limited), aggressive etc.
  2. Lack of development in red: lack of health, lack of regularity, of constancy, of firmness, lack of resistance and persistence (soft person, lazy)
  3. A good red: regular, willing, strong, healthy(not uncaring about oneself physically), organized, ready, flexible, adaptable.