“White is very neutral, intellectual, mental. It likes to deal in facts. It´s reasonable and wants things clear and simple.”

White is the part of us that only deal in facts and data. It´s not interested in anything else. It likes to observe, watch, and not do. Think of a detective or doctor or accountant. It can appear a little ‘sterile’ or ‘dry’, for it only has an interest in seeing and say things as they are – without emotional ‘cotton wool’. It likes things to be clear, objective, simple. A doctor for example, is in ‘white’ because he needs to be neutral, impartial, and deal only in facts – it´s necessary! He can’t have an emotional reaction when he sees blood etc.

Area of the body: Brain/head, bones, liver, memory.
Typical professions: Doctor, engineer, detective, teacher, scientist, accountant etc.

Associated words:

  • clarity
  • simplicity
  • neutrality
  • intellectual
  • facts
  • mental
  • humanity
  • impartiality
  • criteria
  • slow
  • collector
  • exact
  • judge

Imagine a trip: the White center is that which is responsible for finding out the facts involved: Where will things be? Do we need a map? How much will it cost exactly? How long will it take? Therefore white is that part which wants all the necessary information.

  1. Problems and distortions in white: wrong ideas, too analytical, too intellectual, boring, dry, full of opinions, cynical, high self esteem (too high?!) due to the facts and knowledge he has.
  2. Lack of development in white: lack of ideas, lack of clarity, of concrete concepts, of facts and information– everything is general, nothing clear or exact.
  3. A good white: Base of facts, learnings, a good student, open, simple, clear, clean, studious, organized, neutral, pure.