The Young girl dresses and plays at being a princess…the princess still feels like a child at times…We are complex beings with many ‘levels’ and aspects which explains why we argue ‘with ourselves’ at times over decisions and behaviors… A fascinating and revealing way to study this is through the idea of 4 levels or gradients that ‘compose’ a woman. The body has its own perspective and intelligence and inherent impulses (consider, for example, if a woman really ‘knows’ how to give birth and nitrify the baby in the womb – or if in fact it´s an intelligence of the body?!).
The next ‘level’ in a person is the part that is ‘civilized’ and educated. This – if we think about it – depends on the part of the world, religion, family, school etc. in which we are born and grow up. It´s the part that deals with family, work, friends and the many obligations of daily life.
Beyond this we have the lady, or princess, always near, sometimes not well fulfilled, sometimes momentarily, that searches for quality, refinement, finesse. Why have so many women been fascinated with the CEREMONY of the wedding with all its white, clothes, attention and regalia? Isn’t it her moment to be princess for a day?! The wish for peace, more care in the world, affection, better understanding between people…noble urges that would benefit the whole world.
Finally we have the level of angel, or saint, or goddess that has ‘called’ so many women to become nuns, or monks, or priestesses – wanting to dedicate their lives to the spiritual, humanity and God. Again, nearly everyone feels the stirring or presence of this dimension in themselves, whether they will act from it as a base in life or not.
So we can Begin to identify where certain thoughts, impulses and desires come from – for each level has its own. Understanding that we are composed of the 4 we can smile when we identify clearly where a certain impulse, emotion or reaction came from. All are important! But in general the ‘higher’, the more altruistic, less egoistical, less focus on self. Most people can change from level to level in the ‘blink of an eye’…but of course it´s more difficult to sustain oneself at higher levels –the level of the body, for example, is automatic whilst the ‘princess’ (lady), no, this requiring effort and attention. And with the passage of time a person begins to have their center of gravity more in one area or another. It´s not to judge, fix or worry about, but to help understand, free and enjoy!