Hi dears!!
I am Inanna, the Goddess of love, the erotic, the force of life, courage and determination.
I am the grand Mistress of the feminine arts, such as Tantra – the art of lovemaking – and from me all the line of Goddesses runs. It was me who gave life to the Temples of Love – in India and the Acadia and taught techniques of “happy matrimony” to millions of women around the world.
I was able to descend into hell to rescue my beloved, and I stand out in the family using my force and charisma. Sly in my conquests, I obtained the Magic crystals that allowed me to create many civilizations. Despite my strong temperament, I learnt to value discipline!
Today mature, I am the great Goddess of Goddesses, and if you wish to risk following my orientations, I will teach all I know in the Temple of the Goddesses.