Hi people!
I am Freda, the Goddess of sensuality, fertility and divination.
I am leader of the Valquiries (conductors of the souls of the dead in combat), and like them, I am attractive and voluptuous which attracts to me many lovers! I always have with me a magic collar of gold and amber, which is my emblem of a Goddess on earth, and bring a cloak which permits me to make trips to other worlds in my carriage pulled by cats or boars.
I live in the palace of Folkvangr (“battle field”), in a palace called Sessrumnir (“many halls”). Daily I ride with the Valquiries. My name is Val-Freda. As a reward for having initiated Odin in the practice of seidr magic. I can choose whichever heroes I desire, the rest go with him. That’s why I´m also considered the Goddess of life and death!
I have the magic ability to change form – called seidr. Are you prepared to break your barriers, and come with me on this journey into the unknown?
Come to my meeting at the Temple of the Goddesses!