Hi girls!
I am Kali, Goddess of Darkness and Death…
Lady (Shakti) of the Temple, I am the force of life transformation. My power doesn’t depend on time, and that’s why I am a woman of great power in this Universe! I can help you eliminate your internal enemies and you will not fear anymore. I am forever a warrior; I don’t lose any opportunity to fight against evil.
But, stay calm, because my deformity and ugliness serve the purpose of showing my anger and causing fear in the enemy. I fight always to defend the most powerful sources of life, light, joy and beauty – all the positive aspects of creation. I destroy to recreate, reveal sufferings to make the joy better and firmer. You should know that you can overcome all your fears, not by escaping them, but by accepting them and welcoming them! For they bring a message. And remember: in each cycle, a journey that leaves the light ends in darkness, but that which begins in darkness should necessarily arrive in the valleys of unlimited light!
I was conceived with a number of arms that usually varies between two and four; I carry two bowls, one for wine and the other for blood. I drink, dance and sing with joy!
Find out more about me in the Temple of the Goddesses.
Let´s go together on this journey?