Hi warriors!
I am Diana, the Goddess of the moon and the hunt, more known as the pure Goddess, for being very zealous of my virginity!
In the most famous of my adventures, I transformed into a moose the hunter Acteon, who saw me taking a bath. I am indifferent to human passions and dedicate myself to the protection of wild animals, as well as domestic animals. I fight for life in freedom!
I obtained from my father permission to not marry and keep myself always chaste, however, worried he supplied me with an escort of sixty oceanides and twenty nymphs who, like me, renounced marriage.
I carry a bow and quiver full of deadly and accurate arrows. Together with my companions the Amazons, also warriors and hunters, we are free of the subjection of men. If you wish to maintain a minimum a dignity between the sexes, join us in this fight at the Temple of the Goddesses! Advance companions!!!