Hi folks!
I am Oxum, Goddess of Love, Wealth and Fertility!
I am the Orixa of sweet waters, Rivers and waterfalls. In Africa, i live in a river called Oxum. I care for pregnancy, birth and the new born, bathing them in waters and fresh leaves. Young and beautiful mother, I keep my characteristics of a teenager.
Full of passion, I search fervently for pleasure. Flirty and vain I am the most beautiful of the divinities and the very malice of the girl-woman. I am sensual and exhibitionist, aware of my rare beauty I use these attributes in my way and care to seduces people and get my objectives. I consider myself the greatest spell maker of the Pantheon of Orixas. Everything that comes from my mouth should be taken into account, for I have the power of the word, I teach spells or reveal visions. But I should say that each of you is responsible for your own acts and, also, become beautiful and wise so that what you say, also, will be taken into account!
I look to help in emotional balance. I will always show you that it´s possible to combine beauty with intelligence. The danger is always in that you exaggerate and get lost in the traps of the mind of the little ego or in the obsession esthetic, ego and vanity. I am, like you, always learning and hope that we can always count on each other!!!!