Do You Want To Achieve Happiness?

- Do you want to achieve HAPPINESS?
- Do you want to enjoy yourself?
You should!

Your feminine essence is a lot of fun!

But as it happens, many of us, many women in the world aren’t able to achieve a state of happiness in relationships, in the family, and with people close that they love, because the majority cannot do ANYTHING about this subject, in relation to being happy in your life!

If we look sincerely, we will see that most aren’t even able to know themselves!!!

We can even check amongst our friends, most women aren’t even able to dance without being with others, without a group of people, without company or alcohol, without a reason….aren’t even able to simply dance for themselves!

But what are you talking about? – you will say.

But is it possible that in this state the person can do anything?

If your fun and dancing feminine essence is withdrawn, trapped, you will see you don’t havechoice, that most women don’t have choice.

And even when you dress you will be stuck in what others will think, if they will look – you can grab anything from the wardrobe and put it on quickly to not think about this; or try to get something right that will be acceptable; or that fits with the climate…

Perhaps the majority o fus are unable to dress unless it´s for being seen, to go out on the street, to please other people!

How to have happiness? How to reach happiness this way? Without self-esteem and the total dependence on the looks of others? In this way a woman really can do NOTHING.

This really isn’t easy, because no one taught u show to do it… what University teaches us this? They teach us how to have success at work! Great, congratulations if you learnt! But nobody ever asked us: Do you have success as a woman? Are you fulfilling your feminine essence? NO!

And we are making now this series of games for women to deal with this, about self-knowledge, development and being a woman!

In this game Temple of the Goddesses, specifically, we look for the knowledge of the Goddesses of various traditional civilizations, the feminine divinities of ancient times: Egypt, Greece, India and others will take us to their temples and teach us their mysteries, their secrets and challenges in the fulfillment of the feminine essence!

Welcome! Are you ready?!

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